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Our Native Video publisher program allows you to earn additional revenue WITHOUT taking away from your other revenue sources. All you do is setup a video player page on your site. Our video player gives your site instant video content that generates revenue from video pre-roll advertising and display advertising. Once that is done, you can drive traffic to that page in a few different ways.


Widget 1: In-Content Video Ad

This ad unit is a simple Java Script tag that plays a video ad. If we don’t have an ad to show at a particular time, then the ad simply won’t show and your site will display normally, unlike our competitors who will show a non-paying ad in its place. When an ad does play and completes, it will also disappear at this time. This ad type is non-intrusive and provides visitors with a better user experience. The best part is, you do not need video content to run these video ads! You can also adjust the size of the ad yourself to whatever fits your site best. We recommend a 400x350 or 700x400 as those ads pay higher CPM’s then the traditional 300x250. The ad can be placed in the top right corner of your site or in the middle of an article.


Widget 2: Overlay Video Ad

This ad unit is similar to Widget 1, but it will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen as an overlay. It will disappear after the ad has played, or if no ad is available, it won’t display at all.

All of our great options provide additional revenue to you without taking away from your other revenue sources. This is a huge plus as you don’t lose your website visitors and you offer them a more enjoyable user experience.

Vid20 has net 7 payment terms – the fastest in the industry. Our publisher program averages between $15 to $20 CPM depending on the category your website falls into.

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We can help boost your websites revenue. Whether you are looking for display ads or video ads, we can find you the advertisers that are the best fit for your site. Our goal is simple – make you more money than you currently are. Let us work for you!

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